Shower faucet has been a part of technological advances in plumbing nowadays. That’s why most homes have showers. In fact, there are different kinds and types of showers from simple to luxurious, and even highly advanced ones. But has it ever come to your mind how these shower faucet work? There’s no magic or any trick behind it. So, to understand it better read this whole article.

Benefits of using a Shower

Maybe you are wondering why shower faucets are more popular than tubs nowadays right? Shower faucets are in demand to many homeowners because of the following reasons down below:

  • Uses Less Water – Unlike tubs, showers are using less water than bathtubs. As a matter of fact, a typical shower uses less than 30 gallons of water while a bathtub uses as much as 50 gallons.
  • More Practical – When it comes to small spaces, choosing shower over bathtubs is more practical as it occupies less space than the later.
  • Quick Bathe – Showers are more reliable than tubs when it comes to quick bathe. Because they are more accommodating for quick rinses and washes. 

Components of Shower Faucets

Here are the components of a shower faucet:

  • VALVE – This is the one that controls the water temperature and its flow and also prevents rapid changes. You can find the valve where the hot and cold pipes meet.
  • DIVERTER VALVE – Diverter valve is a device that directs the water flow to an alternate spout like tub faucet or a body sprayer. Diverter valve is located on either the tub or on the trim.
  • PRESSURE BALANCE VALVE –  This valve is responsible for controlling the amount of pressure that is coming from both cold and hot water supplies. In other words, it controls the ratio of cold and hot water and balances it by using a sliding disc on a piston or a spool. Its main role is to maintain the balance in pressure as well in temperature, so you could enjoy your shower.
  • TRIM – The shower trim is the external part of the shower faucet. This is where you can find the external handle which we use to manually turn the shower on and off.

How it works?

Shower faucets definitely made our life easier and convenient. You can take a bath easily without fetching water or filling tubs with gallons of water. With just a few turns on the shower trim or handle, water will then flow. Then, the water stream will be divided into two. The cold water will go directly to the shower faucet while the other will be heated. Then, the two streams will meet at the shower control valves. Then, it will be directed towards your faucet or spout of choice through the diverter valve with the temperature and pressure that you have chosen. When you turn the shower trim back to its off position, the water will then cease to flow from your shower faucet. This is how your shower faucet works.

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