Home ownership and Medicine Hat Shower Leaks Repair comes with great responsibility such as home maintenance. This is because you have to ensure that everything is working properly and well. And one of the most common problems of home owners are shower leaks. Shower leaks may seem to be not like a big deal, but little did you know, shower leaks shouldn’t be overlooked. Why? Because a leaking shower valve can damage walls and plumbing fixtures. Also it can run up your water bill pretty quick, which you do not want to happen right? So, if you have a problem with one, better fix it right away! 

If you notice a shower leak at your home, you can repair it easily. But one of the hardest one to fix are the leaks that you cannot see such as shower leaks behind the wall. Leaks like this can be problematic as it can cause an internal damage before being detected. So, to avoid problems like this, we have prepared some tips on how you can fix shower leaks. But first, let’s find out how you can spot shower leaks at your home. 

Signs of Shower Leaks Behind Walls:

  1. Dripping Water – One of the most common and obvious signs of shower leaks are dripping water from ceiling, floors, and walls. So, if you spot dripping water from your wall or floor where your shower is located, better check and inspect it right away! 
  2. Dried Water Stains – Another sign of shower leak is dried water stains. If you spot a dried water stain on your wall, there’s a possibility that your shower valve is leaking.
  3. Earthy Smell – Having a musty or earthy smell is an indication of shower leaks behind the wall. Musty smells like this means that water is gathering with no way for it to dry. This is because water is constantly pouring out and it cannot evaporate.
  4. Mold Growth – Another hint of possible shower leak is growing mold on your shower area especially on areas where it is supposed to be dry. So, check it quickly and look for hidden leaks.
  5. High Water Bill – If your water consumption becomes higher than expected, there’s a possibility that you have shower leaks. So, better fix it immediately to stabilize your water bill. 

Steps to fix a hidden shower leak

Now, that we have learned above how to spot signs of shower leaks, we will teach you how you can easily fix this problem. 

  1. INSPECT – To fix the main problem, the first thing we have to do is to inspect or look for signs of shower leaks. Find out where the leak is coming from. Inspect your shower and determine if it is leaking. Check if the valve is faulty or if the soldering is sloppy from the water connection points to the valve as they are usually the reason for leaks. To inspect it for leaks, remove the shower plate to see and inspect the valve connections.
  2. CUT AN INSPECTION WINDOW – If your shower leaks from behind the wall, cut a little window out of the drywall so you could see the water pipes. During this step, it is best to work with a stud finder. 
  3. LOOK FOR GREENISH-WHITE DISCOLORATION ON PIPES – To make sure that it is leaking, check its pipe for discoloration as it means water is leaking on the outside of the piping.
  4. TURN ON THE SHOWER – By turning on the shower, you can check the leak from it. Find out where the leak is coming from. Inspect thoroughly the pipe that services the shower head as well as the valve.
  5. FIX IT – If you have found the main source of  the leak, fix it. Most shower leaks behind the wall problem happen due to faulty shower arms. To fix it, you have to take off the circular metal plate which is called the escutcheon that surrounds the shower arm. To remove this, you must unscrew the shower head and slip the cover off. Then, you have to unscrew the shower arm and inspect it. Check if it is tightened properly or sealed properly.

Fixing shower leaks behind the wall may seem to be hard and tricky. But not with these tips and steps we have provided for you. Just simply follow these steps to solve your problem quickly. Medicine Hat Shower Leaks Repair Helps you!