Are you having trouble with water dripping down your kitchen sink? Then, your garbage disposal may be leaking. Garbage disposal leaks happen because of different reasons and issues such as improper seal on the flange, a drain issue, or maybe the unit itself. Having leaking garbage disposal at home can be annoying. That’s why you should fix it immediately. Here are some tips on how you could properly fix it and resolve your garbage disposal issues.

  • TURN OFF THE POWER – Before fixing your leaking garbage disposal, remember to unplug it first at the wall outlet and turn off its power from the breaker box. This is so we could prevent electrical shock. After that, insert a watertight sink stopper into your sink drain then wipe it with a dry and clean cloth. Then, mix a few drops of food coloring into a few cups of water, and pour the dyed water onto the sink stopper to help you locate the leak.
  • LOOK FOR THE SOURCE OF THE LEAK – Investigate where the leak from your garbage disposal is coming from. Use a flashlight to examine the unit. Find out where the water is dripping from. You can check the top, where the garbage disposal meets the sink drain. Then, check the side, where the dishwasher hose or main drain pipe is located. This is where the disposal is attached. If the leak isn’t coming from the top or side, go and check the bottom of the unit. Inspect these locations and use a light-colored rag. The dyed water will show on the rag and it will show you where the leak is coming out. If you can’t still find where the leak is coming, remove the sink stopper and pour a few more cups of dyed water down the sink drain. After doing so, check it again for leaks. This step is necessary as leaks near the top of the unit are more likely to appear while the sink is plugged. On the contrary, side and bottom leaks can be more noticeable when the sink is unplugged
  • RE-SEAL AND TIGHTEN THE FLANGED – If the source of the leak is coming from the top of your sink, re-seal and tighten its flanged to prevent it from leaking. Re-seal it using a plumber’s putty. To reseal it properly, you have to detach first the garbage disposal. Loosen the screws that secure the main drain pipe to the disposal. Then, loosen the screws in the metal clamp that secures the hose to the disposal. After that remove the drain pipe and dishwasher hose from the disposal. Then, loosen the screws in the mounting ring that is connecting the disposal to the metal mounting assembly below the sink. After that, pull down the disposal and put it in a clean and dry place. Then, you can now loosen up the bolts in the mounting assembly using a wrench. After doing this, pull down the mounting assembly and put it close to the disposal. Then, remove the sink flange from the top of the sink. After removing the sink, scrape off the old plumber’s putty around the top of the flange using a putty knife. Wipe off the remaining residue with a damp cloth. Reseal it using a plumber’s putty. Roll it like a rope. Make sure that its length is equal to the circumference of the flange. Put it, then insert the flange into the sink drain opening until its snug.
  • REINSTALL AND ASSEMBLE EVERYTHING – Finally, it is time to put back and assemble everything. Just make sure to securely tighten the mounting bolts. Re-attach the garbage disposal including the drainpipe, and the dishwasher hose. 

After doing these steps, test it and see if there are still leaks on your garbage disposal. If your problem persists, call for a professional plumber for help.