Aside from leaking pipes, one of the most common problems of many homeowners is a clogged sewer line. If you are having trouble, issues, or concerns regarding your sewer line, read this whole article to find out how you can unclog and resolve your problem. Here are some tips on how you can clear your clogged sewer lines.

  • PLUNGE ON IN – If you notice a slow drain on your sewer line and suspect that it has been clogged. You can try to use a plunger to shake and loosen any obstructions that are within that line.
  • SNAKE IT UP – If your plunging didn’t work, you can try snaking it up. Just slowly twist a drain snake clockwise into the drain that you are suspecting to be obstructed. Then pull the snake out and twist it counterclockwise. Just be careful as it may break off in your drain. Do this repeatedly and see if it can draw out what is clogging your line.
  • USE AN UNCLOGGING MIXTURE – If the two steps above didn’t work, you can try making your unclogging mixture. All you need is vinegar, baking soda, and water. This method is an effective and eco-friendly method. First, pour down a pot of boiling water on your drain then, pour 1/2 cup of baking soda. Leave it for five minutes then pour down a cup of vinegar and a cup of very hot water. Leave it for ten minutes then pour another pot of boiling water to your drain. This is to flush away the obstructions on your sewer.
  • USE LIQUID CLEANERS – of the unclogging mixture didn’t work, you can try using liquid cleaners. There are different brands of these liquid cleaners. You can purchase any brand of your choice. Chemical solutions like these are very effective. However, they can damage your pipe if it is too old or worn out.
  • USE A POWDER SOLUTION – If you do not want to use a liquid cleaner, you can try using a powder solution as an alternative. Unlike liquid solutions, powder solutions are less corrosive on the pipes but they also work well on unclogging drains. This is because these powder solutions are using Sodium Hydroxide. Before you use these products, remember to run hot water through the pipes for one to minutes. Then, pour down 2 cups of powder solution. Leave the powder sit for 2 minutes then rinse it again with hot water.
  • LOCATE AND CLEAN IT – If none of the above methods didn’t work, find the source of obstruction. Clean the pipes by disassembling the p-trap. Place a bucket to catch excess water and the debris that is blocking your pipes.

Follow these steps to eliminate the clogs on your sewer pipe. If none of these methods work, call for a professional plumber to ask for help. If you are looking for one, just feel free to contact us. We have professional and experienced plumbers available at your service.