Toilet Repairs

The toilet is one of the essential facilities in any home. A typical toilet comprises of various parts. You will have the ceramic toilet, the flush tank, and a seat that is attached to it. I have come across some toilets that don’t have a flush tank and the water that is used to flash the system passes directly through a wide water pipe. Like other facilities in the home, the toilet will also experience tear and wear over time. Such occurrences will call for professional toilet repairs.  The kind of toilet that you have in your home will dictate your repair needs. However, it is good to have some knowledge before you trust someone with these repair works.

If you discover that a pool of water is collecting around your toilet, there could be several reasons behind this. This water could be coming from the main supply line that is supplying the water to the flush tank. The other source of water could be the wax ring that is located under the toilet. It is essential to know the origin of this water before you handle any toilet repairs.

First, mop the excess water and use a towel to dry it thoroughly so that you can tell its cause. Once you have a dry area around the toilet, you can flush it to confirm whether the water is coming from your supply line or beneath the toilet. This step is critical because it will help you to correct the problem from the source. Remember it is good to get a long-term solution when working on toilet repairs.

What to do if the water leakage emanates from the main supply line?

If you discover that the water leakage emanates from the main supply line, you may have to tighten it or replace the whole unit. Begin by turning off the water supply and then flush the system to eradicate any excess water. After that, you can use towels to dry the area so that you will find it easy to fix the leakage. With the aid of a wrench, loosen all the hexagonal nuts that are at the main end of the supply line together with the ones that go to the toilet’s flush tank. You can then use the replacement supply line you are having and start by tightening the bolts that are at the supply end. Adjust the required length for the pipe so that it can reach the flush tank. After adjusting the length, you can use a knife to cut the extra length before tightening the hexagonal bolt on the other end.

If you discover that the origin of the leakage is beneath the toilet, you will have to replace its wax ring. These wax rings are readily available in any local hardware store. The first thing to do is shut the main supply line before you can flush the toilet. Like before, use towels to dry the excess water that is on the floor. After that, loosen the nuts that are at the base of the toilet and lift it away and up and place the toilet on its side. You can now scrape off the wax ring from the toilet floor as well as beneath the toilet. After this, you can place the replacement wax ring on the surface and put the toilet on top before tightening the nuts. You will be able to seal the base of your toilet and fix the leak.

Why choose Medicine Hat Plumbing Services?

Despite having all this knowledge, it is wise to leave this task in the hands of professional toilet repairs. This information will help you to make sure that the professionals are doing the right thing. An excellent starting point would be Medicine Hat Plumbing Services. These experts provide long term solutions to any problems in your toilet.